2021 is an exciting year for the Music for All National Choir Festival, March 25-27 in Indianapolis! Participants will interact with TEN nationally acclaimed musicians and educators, and REPERTOIRE will include a focus on Beethoven.

In 2021, we have two exciting options for your consideration.

  • For the Invited Choir Experience, submit audio recordings of your full choir for invitation by blind audition. Invited Choirs will perform individually with evaluation and clinic, and combine voices to become the National Festival Choir.
  • If your program is not prepared to submit for full choir, consider The Choral Ensemble of America for your most reliable, motivated high school singers who yearn for a high-level honor choir experience enhanced by master classes and servant leadership education. Balanced SATB quartets, one per part, may apply by submitting video recordings of the required piece, Palestrina’s Sicut Cervus.