In 2017, Joseph Flummerfelt told Henry Leck, Music for All Choral Artistic Director, “I would like to give back to young conductors some of what I’ve learned throughout my career.” Thus, began the National Choir Festival Conductor’s Critique. At the inaugural National Choir Festival in 2018, Dr. Flummerfelt established a private, one-to-one meeting with each choral director to discuss their individual performance at the festival. Walking out of her personal meeting, Louise O’Hanlon, Herricks High School Choral Director, exclaimed “That was the best twenty minutes of my entire career.” John McClain, Choral Director at Logan High School said, “my musical life is forever changed.” With his individual inspiration, Flummerfelt influenced young conductors beyond the music.

Though his plan was to continue to serve, sadly, only weeks before the 2019 National Choir Festival, the world lost Joseph Flummerfelt. To honor his memory, Music for All named The Joseph Flummerfelt Conductor’s Critique to preserve his legacy. Each year, Music for All will appoint a renowned conductor to serve in the position he premiered. Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt fulfilled this role for the 2019 National Choir Festival, and Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe will do so in 2020.   Music for All is proud to announce that Dr. André Thomas will provide the Joseph Flummerfelt Conductor’s Critique for the National Choir Festival, March 25-27, 2021.

Applications for the 2021 Music for All National Choir Festival will be accepted through June 5, 2020.