Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan is a native of Huntsville, AL. He credits his current success to the many opportunities he has been fortunate
enough to receive throughout his musical journey. He began singing at the young age of five. Years later, around the age
of nine, he was accepted to be a member of The Huntsville Boy Choir. It was during his stint with the boy choir that he was
introduced to choral and classical music. He attended middle school at the Academy for Academics and Arts where he fell
in love with performing. Later, he was accepted into the Lee High School Magnet Program with a concentration in voice,
theatre, and choral music. This period in his life afforded him many great experiences, achievements, high honors and
awards. The last six years of Justin’s life have been years filled with discipline, structure, higher learning, and most importantly, fun. These attributes were primarily due to the time spent in the Aeolians of Oakwood University. With the Aeolians, he was
afforded many opportunities to perform across the world, not only as an ensemble member, but as a soloist and student
conductor. He has traveled to England, Wales, Hungary, Russia, Jamaica, and Canada. He recently graduated from Oakwood
University with a B.M. in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. He is now an adjunct professor, holding the position as the
assistant of ensemble activities within the Oakwood University Music Department, as well as the choral director for the
Oakwood Adventist Academy Choir. During his first year as the Oakwood Academy Choir director, he was able to spark a spiritual bond throughout all of the young students within the choir. This magnetic connection was a launching pad for a remarkable year. The choir was able to perform for many events including the Kiwanis Club Prayer Breakfast, Redstone Arsenal Black History Commemoration, The Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Banquet, and many more. One of the proudest moments for this group was the opportunity to travel to Chicago, IL, and Berrien Springs, MI, for their first ever spring tour. Just recently, the Oakwood Academy Choir completed their very own DVD and CD live recording, and is one of the few ensembles selected as a premier choir to participate in the 2018 Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis.

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