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Music for All is lifting our voice to celebrate vocal and choral education. In March 2018, we launched the National Choir Festival, as part of the Music for All National Festival We’re off to a great start. What we need now is help, validation, and encouragement from you.

The Lilly Endowment’s choral programming grant included a matching grant fundraising incentive. To date, we have raised $28,230 of the $45,000 match. We have until November 15th to complete the match, and we need your help.

For each dollar you give, the Lilly Endowment will match, dollar for dollar!

Please help us continue to give voice to music education and America’s vocal students as we pursue Music for All with a contribution in support of the Music for All choral programming.

Yes! I will give voice to music education with a tax-deductible gift!

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